01, April 2015: Victoria Del Rosal is going to star in season 2 of Rica Famosa Latina. Following a successful premier season, the long awaited show Rica Famosa Latina season 2 begins airing on March 30th on EstrellaTV and Hulu.

Speaking to media, one of the spokesperson from the channel confirmed the news and stated, “Yes, our new most exciting show is ready to be aired on March 30. This season two is going to be more enjoyable for viewers and fans of Victoria.” He further added, “Very soon, we are going to have a star studded premier night with famous celebrities and personalities from different sectors. Victoria again brings the glimmer and the excitement this season on Rica Famosa Latina. Do watch soon!”

Victoria Del Rosal is a famous Mexican film and soap opera actress, TV host, producer and model. She is currently hosting the TV show Estrellas Hoy, an entertainment TV show that airs on Estrella TV. She is on the peak right now and winning the hearts of audience worldwide. She has mesmerized audiences in Mexico, United Sates and Latin America with her performance in Dama y Obrero, Alguien Te Mira, Show Business, and other shows.

The upcoming show ‘Rica Famosa Latina’ is the Latin version of The Real Housewives. The show is produced by, Oscar nominated, Michael Ohoven and Joyce Giraud and stars Victoria Del Rosal, Rosie Rivera, Estela Mora, Elisa Beristain, Sissy Fleitas, Maria Raquenel, Luz Elba Mansour, and Sandra Vidal. It shows dissimilar aspects of their lives filled with adventure and enthusiasm along with glamour, controversy and strong conflict that take place when worlds crash together.

When contacted, Victoria said, “Double the women, double the trouble! There is more drama than ever with all the new women on the show. The claws come out and the fur begins to fly!”

About Victoria Del Rosal:

Victoria Del Rosal is a famous TV and film actress from Mexico. She is going to star in season two of popular TV show Rica Famosa Latina, starting March 30 on EstrellaTV and Hulu.

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