Augmented reality—now even more popular due to the release of the Pokemon Go smartphone app—has put players in the crosshairs of safety advocates who now have yet another reason to worry. After all, distracted driving is an epidemic. Giving drivers more reasons to be persuaded into not paying attention to the road can only make matters worse.

So far, accidents and even deaths have been reportedly tied to the use of the popular augmented reality app across the globe. And in the United States, people have even fallen off cliffs while searching for Pokemon characters.

“Technology” said Kirk Bernard from the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, “has been responsible for some of the most advanced, life-saving auto systems we now enjoy. When used correctly, technology can save lives, but when technology gives us more reasons to be distracted,” Nagelberg added, “it’s time to start paying attention.”

In the past couple of weeks, or ever since the game was launched in early July 2016, safety advocates, news personalities, legal experts, and even law enforcement have all urged individuals to think twice before launching a Pokemon hunt. Instead of ignoring the world around them while in pursuit of a Pokemon character, Kirk warns the public, “remember that your enjoyment of the game will be curtailed if you’re hurt while playing.”

If you’re the victim of a driver whose negligent behavior resulted in a Pokemon Go-related distracted driving crash, Kirk and his team want to hear from you.

It’s only when the victims are given a voice that serious and even deadly accidents are prevented. Do not stay silent if a Pokemon Go player has pt you in harm’s way, contact the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group offices for a free evaluation of your case.

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