Today, Vice City VIP Rentals has announced that they will be launching a member’s only club that will offer not only exotic and luxury vehicles but also an all inclusive jet charter, yachting services, and vacation rentals. Expanding their brand of offering luxury like no one else can, Vice City is taking South Florida by storm. From the beginning of your journey until the end, Vice City is prepared to go above and beyond to meet all of your luxurious needs and wants.
To help their elite clientele achieve these dreams, Vice City is also offering a new members charge card that can be used at their dealership to rent one of their sophisticated and rare vehicles.

Vice City VIP specializes in luxury and exotic car rental services. The company offers the world’s finest automobiles designed to get their clients the recognition that they deserve. Whether clients are looking for a bit of extra attention or if they are looking for the ride of their life, Vice City VIP is always there to help.

The company currently maintains a premium fleet consisting of many exotic cars from manufacturers from Europe. Vice City’s extremely well balanced fleet of exotics and luxuries offers their clients the sleekest and most up to date vehicles that can be found in South Florida and beyond. No other dealership can match the vast extent of opulence in which Vice City is known for. Be it the newest Ferrari’s, Bentley’s or the luxurious Mercedes S-Class — consumers will always find a matching car for their needs.

However, it’s not only about luxury cars. When clients rent their favorite vehicle from Miami’s most popular car rental firm, they aren’t just experiencing a luxury vehicle but top of the line customer service tailored to the client’s desires. It’s the details that make the company stand out. Unlike most of the company’s competition, Vice City VIP pays attention to many details where other companies fail.

When renting a car, most don’t give much attention to the details. The details are something that makes the difference. Vice City VIP, for example, ensures that every car in its fleet is handed over as clean as a car can be. The extreme attention to detail that they provide when handling their vehicles is the same care and consideration that they show all of their clients. Whether returning clients or new ones, Vice City provides the best customer service and selection of an amazing fleet for you to enjoy. Vice City’s extraordinary rare fleet, exemplary customer service, and rental additions to the luxury world, makes them stand out above and beyond all of the rest. You can now travel with Vice City from the runway to the rental car to the vacation house. Vice City has all of your luxurious travel needs covered and they are here to help make your travels a stress free experience.

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