Pensacola, Florida November 22nd , 2016: A Soldier plans an epic journey to capture the required attention to our nation’s Heroes. Eli Smith intends on walking over 13,000 miles on a walk that he titles the “4cornershike”. A partial 2012 study by the Veterans Affairs states 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. This number is both alarming and critically low as these are only those Veterans that are reported. Eli, like many Veterans, agree this number is too much.

Money raised from Smith’s mission will be used to assist non-profits that will help in the PTSD mission. The goal is to continue the conversation with the focus on PTSD and the suicide rate among Veterans. This mission will begin in Pensacola, Florida. The first leg will venture across the southern United States to San Diego, California. Once in California, Smith will continue north to Washington before heading east to New York. The final leg will take Smith down the east coast to Florida.

The importance of this surmountable mission is personal for Smith — we are tired of burying our friends and family. We need to ensure resources are made available for our brothers and sisters to reach out and truly receive the assistance they deserve. If I can walk a few miles to draw that attention, that price is petty in comparison to the cost that too many have paid.

Smith has a funding site set up for support at as well as sponsorship for the hike at

Email support can be made to Eli at as well as [email protected]