Value Energy Solutions, one of the largest lighting installation and lighting retrofit companies in the nation, recently completed an energy efficient lighting upgrade and retrofit project for AIE Casters Company. They understood that lighting retrofit and upgrade projects substantially reduce energy costs, which outweighed a typical barrier to implement a lighting system energy efficiency program-the upfront cost of replacing numerous lighting fixtures.

AIE Casters Company contacted Rob Cooper, Territory Manager, of Value Energy Solutions to evaluate their current lighting system and design appropriate solutions unique to their facility. Energy efficiency and lower energy expenses were not their only motivation — Among others were to improve their light levels; better facility aesthetics, reduced maintenance costs, and the resulting benefits of emission reductions.

Value Energy Solutions in collaboration with their Industry Resources Team thoroughly reviewed the project, including photometric scenarios, with Rob Cooper who then recommended a comprehensive combination of fixture retrofits and new fixture upgrades. With their motivational factors to start with, the quantifiable results of the Feasibility Study, the 179D Tax Deduction benefits, and the Utility Rebates were all the deciding factors to budget and implement the proposed sustainability project. They will also benefit from a dramatic reduction of their future maintenance costs due to a more energy efficient lighting system.

Value Energy Solutions retrofitted and upgraded all the outdated and energy inefficient fixtures as follows: The 4 lamp T-12 office troffers were de-lamped to a 2 lamp T-5 28w adapter kit . Companies also benefit from reduced maintenance costs, because the life expectancy of the T-5 adapter is 60,000 hours and they have a five year guarantee. The 2 lamp T-12 (8’) industrial warehouse fixtures were retrofitted with a T-5 56w adapter kit. The high energy costing 400w metal halide warehouse fixtures were replaced with T-5 high bays. This solution also utilized occupancy sensors for the aisles or other areas to conserve even more energy by detecting activity before lighting the area. The T-5 high bay fluorescent fixtures have many advantages over traditional lighting and are the most energy efficient technology in the industry for the cost.

Additionally, Rob Cooper was appointed as Project Manager responsible for maintaining a consistent presence as liaison and the administration of both the GA Power Rebate and 179D Tax Deduction process.

The Most Dramatic And Substantial Impacts — From The Project Are The Resulting Numbers

- 61% Lighting System Energy Savings
- 43% Project Funded From Incentives
- 45% Return On Investment
- 83% Project Cost Qualified For 179D Deduction

About Value Energy Solutions

Value Energy Solutions is one of the largest energy efficient lighting retrofitting companies in the United States. Realizing the need for building owners, property managers and facility engineers to find ways to conserve energy and cut their operating costs, Value Energy Solutions provides improved energy efficient lighting products as replacements for existing higher wattage fixtures. VES can also offer financing programs in which the energy savings cover the cost financing of the project.

The Value Energy Solutions lighting retrofit programs are offered for all commercial building types including, Warehouse Lighting , Educational Facilities, Parking Garages, Hotels, Retail Chains, Apartments and Office Buildings. The company also offers National Account energy-retrofitting services for Trane Commercial HVAC systems and provides energy efficiency services for solar, refrigeration units and/motors through our established business partners.

Value Energy Solutions is located at 1110 Allgood Industrial Court, Marietta, GA 30066.

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