In 2017 Men’s Underwear is big business. With celebrity endorsements and the likes of renowned fashion house Versace sending models down the runway in Versace men’s underwear, it’s no wonder the designers are investing more time and money than ever before into our unmentionables.

Simon Moore, Managing Director of men’s underwear online retailer says “The last few years we have seen men’s underwear become an integral part of a guy’s overall look. Whereas once underwear was purely a year round choice, we are now shifting to a more trend-led market that is always evolving. For instance, our collection of Versace men’s underwear retails at around £50-£100 for a pair of boxer trunks. This may seem expensive for some but Versace one of our bestselling underwear brands.”

Moore thinks the reason behind designers such as Versace underwear becoming so successful is due to the cost associated buying from designer collections. “Customers are able to own a part of the current Versace (underwear) collection at a fraction of the cost when you compare it with a ready-to-wear piece from the same collection. It’s a way of always being on trend without a huge outlay of money.”

The global underwear industry was worth an estimated £22.67bn in 2016 and is expected to grow further still in 2017. With a rise in disposable income, a trend for social media influencers and with more and more fashion houses adding an underwear arm to their business we are sure 2017 will be a record breaking year.

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