Camarillo, CA; 10, April 2015: Knee pain patients facing invasive surgery or dealing with the side effects of steroid injections can relax: the doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists have a new treatment that works without a hospital stay, and which heals the underlying issues causing their pain. 

The treatments are known as PRP and stem cell therapy, and they offer a chance at healing without the risks and side effects which normal treatments tend to bring. It’s been called a groundbreaking technology, since these treatments address the underlying conditions rather than trying to mask the symptoms with steroids or pain pills. 

How Does Regenerative Medicine Produce Results For Knee Pain? 

The knee has many different structures which can suffer from acute injury or chronic degradation: the cartilage, bones, menisci, ligaments, bursae, and tendons all may develop problems. 

Patients who have tried conservative treatments such as ice and rest have, until now, been told their only options were addictive opioids, invasive surgeries, or side-effect prone steroid injections. 

Regenerative medical techniques like PRP and stem cells offer a new and better way. These treatments restore normal functioning and relieve the pain without the risks and problems produced by older therapeutic techniques. 

Regenerative techniques can be used to treat osteoarthritis, for example. This degenerative condition is particularly common in patients who are overweight and patients older than age 45. (It is also possible in younger patients, especially where knee trauma is present to accelerate the development of the osteoarthritis.) Commonly known as “wear and tear arthritis,” osteoarthritis in the knee happens when the cartilage in the knee is lost over time or damaged. 

As a result of cartilage loss, the bones start grinding against each other. This results in a reactive bone overgrowth, serious pain, and reduced mobility. Though the pain may be present while resting, it’s usually much worse while patients are attempting to perform their daily activities, so it can be very life limiting. 

Traditionally, doctors have recommended steroids or hyaluronic acid injections in order to produce temporary relief. Unfortunately, many patients find they eventually require a total knee replacement — a surgical procedure which entails a prolonged recovery and a great degree of postoperative pain. 

With regenerative medicine, on the other hand, patients can often avoid such a major procedure. By using the body’s cells to trigger rapid tissue regeneration in the joint area, pain and dysfunction are quickly alleviated. There’s not even any need to visit the hospital — the treatments are done in the clinic, on an outpatient basis. 

About Regenerative Medicine Specialists: 

The Regenerative Medicine Specialists are led by Marc D. Wolfsohn, M.D., Dale G. Kiker, M.D., and Joseph A. Cabaret, M.D. They are experts in the regenerative medicine field, specializing in PRP and stem cell treatments of many different conditions. They believe that the best treatments use the body’s own healing powers to regenerate injury and disease, and they’ve found that PRP and stem cell treatments offer a way to treat problems without the risks of surgery, steroids, or pain medications.

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