Vapourlites Electronic Cigarettes was recently reviewed by ecigr., a website devoted to providing users with reviews and insight into the e-cig industry. The review rates Vapourlites as a 4.1 out of 5 for a multitude of clearly described reasons in the breakdown.

Alexis Carson, the founder and primary writer of ecigr., wrote the review and was one of the millions that have abandoned their tobacco cigarette habit for the tobacco-less electronic cigarette alternative. She hopes that her Vapourlites review will help those that have not yet tried out this particular company decide whether or not their products will fit their budget and needs.

The review begins by describing the two electronic cigarette starter kits currently being sold by the company appropriately named the VL1 and VL4 starters. Buyers are given their choice between both menthol and tobacco cartomisers for both starters.

Vapour lites seems to be aiming to replicate the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette with their current line of products. The cork-coloured cartomisers and white battery make for a clean, premium appearance. Vapourlites does give their users their choice between five different nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg all the way to 20mg.

Carson’s Vapourlites review also touches on the technology behind the Vapourlites electronic cigarette device, which is a 2-piece system. Unlike the 3-piece e-cigarette of the past, 2-piece devices offer users the convenience of only having to screw together the cartomiser into the battery for assembly. Although more convenient, this often comes at the cost of being unable to refill the cartomisers without voiding the manufacturer warranty.

Vapour production is more than sufficient according to the Vapourlites review, which also describes the cartomisers flavours as somewhat satisfying. Charging of the Vapourlites e-cigarette is accomplished via a screw mechanism into the included USB adapter and into a power source.

Carson encourages readers to contact her with any questions by posting in the comments section directly below the review.

Alexis Carson
Glasgow, Scotland
[email protected]