The life threatening effects caused by cigarette smoking has not been able to make people give up on their addiction. The introduction of the e-cigs or electronic cigarettes has been a phenomenal success, offering these helpless addicts a healthier alternative to their fatal addiction. The change that this electronic innovation has made on many lives has further caught the attention of thousands more.

 Initially, when these cutting edge electrically operated cigarettes were introduced to the world, people did not know what to make of it. There was a lot of debate concerning the usefulness of the product. Within a matter of few years, smokers were starting to realize that it was a healthier alternative, making them easier to give up the tobacco cigarette. Today, the law bans smoking in public places but allows the use of e-cigs because it does not emit harmful smoke or fumes, affecting the health of those around. The government’s lax policy towards this product itself establishes how healthy and people friendly this product is.

Majority of the people prefer to buy their e-cigarettes online because most of the sites offer additional discounts through the use of v2 cigs coupon codes. The coupon code allows the customer to get a 15 per cent discount on the entire starter kit. The same can also be used to get a 10 per cent off on any cartridge flavor, accessories, liquid juices, batteries, or accessories.

 The V2cigs online store currently runs the offer. The company is a commonly heard name among e-smokers for its notorious reputation on impeccable service and superior quality products. People can also get these products at any local pharmacy but at a higher price. Today, the competition among the online retailers of e-cig has become fierce, making it beneficial for customers because prices have become much lower. For more information please go to


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