UV’s Library announces the upcoming launch of Yuval Harpaz’ third book entitled “Don’t Let Rocky Get Away”. Harpaz is the author and illustrator of the new book and is now being offered on a 3-day free download.

Since kids nowadays are not aware of how important organizing their own things is, the book will give them a new story to ponder about it. The 2275 words with 18 illustrations short fiction story book for children ages 6-8, is focused on a kid who was taken to a fun world of lost toys and teach him on the importance of keeping a room clean, tidy and organized through an experiential way.

The story depicts the adventure of a boy named Tommy with his naughty monkey toy, 3 hippo cub toys, 2 tractor wheels and 4 pieces of puzzle as they try to find their way to return home. The entire story provides a fresh and fun way on how kids can overcome some of the common struggles of parents and children when it comes to organizing one’s room. This book is the third series from the Library collection under “How to Parent”, to improve a family’s life. The book includes an exclusive opportunity to download not only the book but also an audio book version of the story, a coloring booklet and a special parent’s guide. The parent’s guide consists of tips on organizing a child’s room easier and faster without many arguments.

Through the help of the new book, parents are assured that they can make their children organize their rooms and lessen the arguments that they have. As the book is launch, parents who want to teach their kids on how to keep a messy room organized will be aware about the 3-day free download from December 25 to 27 or Amazon Kindle.

Here are some of the highlights in the reviews: “Excellent advice in a book illustrated with gorgeous pictures” ~ Robin Landry “singer/songwriter”, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon. “A valuable lesson in the story about learning to be organized and taking responsibility for one’s actions” ~ J. Chambers, HALL OF FAME, Top 10 Reviewer, Amazon. “An excellent story about children learning responsibility” ~ Robin Lee, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon

UV’s Library is a book series written by Yuval Harpaz, who is the writer and illustrator of “Don’t Let Rocky Get Away” that is now being offered in for free download for 3 days as it is launched on December 25. This is the third book of Harpaz that will be launched in Amazon Kindle.

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