Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA — USASBE is proud to announce the launch of their new startup competition that is open to students worldwide. USASBE, which stands for the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, is throwing this event as a revolutionary approach to student startup competitions.

The competition is appropriately named USASBE Launch , and it is based on principles of action and traction. This means that students are rewarded for actually engaging in customer development and lean startup process to identify and solve actual customer problems, bring a product/service to market, and successfully compete other necessary startup duties.

USASBE Launch its student participants throughout every leg of the competition. Unlike many other startup competitions, USASBE engages students with mentoring and support throughout the process instead of simply dangling a cash prize with no guidance to the competitors. USASBE Launch is very interactive, engaging, and requires students to own the process themselves.

With the help of USASBE Launch, students can learn how to take control of their future, create their own career, start their own business, and grow their network. Undergraduate college students who are interested in cultivating a business model that they have in mind in order to create a lean startup would love to participate in USASBE Launch.

USASBE has some pretty cool sponsors that have made this all possible. These sponsors include Shopify, Quipu Applications, PitchBurner, Yellow Sequoia, and Score.

In addition, USASBE Launch has partners that are dedicating their time and resources in order to help the students in the competition. These partners include the International Council for Small Business, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, Empact, Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment in the Arts.

To learn more about USASBE Launch, visit their website at www.USASBELaunch.com . To contact the company regarding sponsorship, mentorship, or participation, email Dr. Doan Winkel at [email protected] or call 309.438.2736.