09, March 2016: There are four main components on Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, power button, power level indicators, charger and paddle (foldable). To get started, you need to place Airwheel vertically on the ground and turn it on. The Power Level LED Indicators will be on and the buzzer will beep, and the unit is ready to be used. If not, please wait until it adjusts to upright position before riding. A four-bar LED indicator is applied to indicate the power level. All fours will be lit when power level is over 85% and will go off one by one as the level drops. Please check power level every time before usage to ensure there is enough power for a return trip. You may recharge it every time after usage.


As for charging the battery, it need power on the A/C source after plugging in the charger, otherwise the charger will stop working to avoid charging safety. Airwheel intelligent Electric motorcycles is equipped with a high-power charger. Normally it takes about 80 min to be fully charged and 60 min to 80% full. The indicator lights will turn red when charging and green when charging completes. If not for emergencies, please wait until charging completes before unplugging, for battery protection board will conduct SOC equalization as charging completes.

The other important aspect is maintenance. It is better to store Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter in a dry location. For non-regular user, recharge the battery every two months to maintain the battery life. For inflation, riders need to use the extended connector to inflate the tire. Without the connector, you may fail to pump air into the wheel.


To repair or change the inner or outer tire, open one side cover (the one without indicator lights). First, unscrew the 14 bolts on the sides, then the 6 bolts on the centre, and then open the casing. Take special care with the connecting wires set alongside the inner rim, no dragging or cracking open.

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