US Abroad has only one mission in their service and that is to bring consumers ultimate ease and convenience as intermediary while shopping online. Having started only with Florida-based operations since 2006, right now they have successfully conquered the industry with US-wide operations and state-of-the-art technologies used in ensuring quality service is delivered.

The humble beginnings of US Abroad, Inc has started with the concept of dispatching focused only in musical instruments as well as audio equipment delivered to the eastern part of Europe. But, they can see and understand the crucial need for stretching international shipping and so US Abroad, Inc worked on a growing range of services they provide. As of now, their work on international delivery encompasses just about everything and not only audio equipment.

Of course, the happiness and satisfaction of every customer is on top of their priorities. As such, their services have been designed to be available every day of the week, making sure that clients can rely at them whether it is weekend or holiday. At the same time, US Abroad, Inc makes sure that an order is processed within a day after it has been made. The pricing is made extremely flexible and rewards are made with the difference of every customer kept well in mind.

These are only some of the things that make US Abroad’s operations entirely different than common logistics and dispatch services. As can be viewed in their site, their services are wide range and near infinite that clients can surely find something that particularly suit their needs, no matter what kind of product they are looking for. This is the reason how they are able to make sure that every transaction with US Abroad is made personalized from individuals to businesses.

Another of the many priorities of US Abroad is to ensure that shoppers can have the most relaxing shopping experience whether the clients are from US or abroad. This is made possible thanks to their expert staff that has specialist’s know-how when it comes to e-commerce. That way, they can continue to bring only the best products and dispatch service to all over USA and outside of the country. All their clients have only one thing to say when it comes to US Abroad and that is the fact they can shop with the utmost peace of mind every time.

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Company: US Abroad, Inc
Address: 3663 Sw 8th Street 210, Miami, FL, 33135
Tel. No.: +1 (800) 717-9371
Submitted by: Jamie White
Email: [email protected]