The real estate industry in Indonesia has recently witnessed a boon. Today, it remains one of the most active markets. Whether it is Indonesians planning to relocate or foreigners looking to work and settle in the country, the demand for real estate property has witnessed a marked increase in the past couple of years. Real estate sites like urbanindo are buzzing with potential customers and sellers.

There has been a marked rise in the interest level shown by the international community towards the Indonesian real estate market. For the past couple of years, real estate web sites like urbanindo have done a commendable in connecting the international community with the Indonesian real estate market, bringing together buyers and tenants from across the world and connecting them with the sellers in Indonesia. Whether it is to buy a property or simply rent an apartment for temporarily to stay during business trips to Indonesia, real estate web sites have made it possible. Indonesia has been a great market in many areas. Whether it is to export its indigenously made products, or its rich flora and fauna, there are many business dealers from other parts of the world constantly looking towards this culturally rich country. With so much that the country has to offer, people are always looking for the best home sites and property to buy or rent. 

Urbanindo is an important online tool that has been indispensible for providing information on both rental and purchase or property. The site offers its service for free and has been building long term relationship between buyer and seller. There is no restriction to the type of properties that is offered for sale, providing a wide diversity of choices for customers. The site is designed in such a way that potential customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. For more information please go to


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Urbanindo is the leading web site that provides the latest and the best in the property market for either sale or rental throughout Indonesia. Customers can visit the website and search for property and price listings. It connects both sellers and buyers.

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