China, December 23, 2013: Bathrooms are essential part of any facility where people reside or stay for a certain period. Irrespective of the place being a residence or an office or even the public places, bathrooms are a necessity. There is no scope for argument that bathrooms can be made lavish and stylish too. At least, so believes NRG manufacturing & exporting company in China. It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of bathroom mirrors in the country. The Chinese company has been involved with the manufacturing industry for more than a decade and produces wide range of mirrors for simple utility to outright decoration. 

Bathroom mirror demister pad, frame, art and assembly are all done by NRG with strict control over quality. The bathroom mirrors are mass produced as well as custom made according to specification of customers. Latest design and modern style is followed and incorporated to every bathroom mirror manufactured by the company. Moreover, customisation requirement are met with utmost precision to ensure uniqueness that customers want. The entire production line and supply process is directly under NRG and the company is able to maintain high degree of punctuality with no reports of delay. 

The mirrors that are produced by NRG include bathroom LED mirror, bathroom wall mirror, bathroom mirror cabinet, hotel bathroom mirror, framed bathroom mirror, heated bathroom mirror and magnifying vanity mirror. There are more than 20 renowned luxury hotels such as Hilton and Burj — Al — Arab that use mirrors manufactured by the Chinese firm. In addition to just bathroom mirror, the company also produces walled mirror cabinets with same standard of quality and exclusivity. Medicine cabinets are much similar to bathroom mirror cabinets and are also manufactured by NRG. In short, as far as variety is concerned, all types of mirrors and storage for bathrooms can be expected from NRG. 

Different items are made of different materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. However, style and quality are given equal status by NRG, which has set a standard for both and never compromises with it. Quality is never ignored for sake of design and vice versa is also true. Every bathroom cabinet is designed with due attention to its dimensions and how it can fit into the bathroom. This is why cabinets are available in different sizes and different dimensions. Moreover, custom designed products are always an option for customers who want high degree of personalisation. 

A very popular and innovative product by NRG is illuminated mirror, which has LEDs incorporated to it. The LEDs are integrated to the mirror such that the mirror seems to be glowing at borders or as specified by users. Else, LEDs are used to backlit the mirrors. Each kind has its own impression on the interior design and is not necessarily meant for only posh hotels. Subtly designed mirrors are totally fitting for homes too. 

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NRG is a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of bathroom mirrors. The company has been in the industry for 13 years and produced mirrors and cabinets for some of the grand luxury hotels in the World. It has clients in more than 100 countries. 

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