23, March 2017: Unformat Digital Camera SD Memory Card? Get unformatted Digital Camera SD Memory Card data back, Use Aidfile data recovery software to recover data from formatted Digital Camera SD Memory Card.

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Use "Undelete" mode to recover deleted files from formatted Digital Camera SD Memory Card.

Use "Unformat" mode to recover data from formatted Digital Camera SD Memory Card after quick format,full format,accidentally formatted,reformatting,High-level formatting,Low-level formatting.


Use "Recover partition" mode to restore files if Digital Camera SD Memory Card partitions changed or damaged or deleted .

Use "Full Scan" mode to recover lost files from Digital Camera SD Memory Card partitions show as "raw" or retrieve deleted files which can not be found with "undelete" or "Unformat" or "Recover partition" ,recover files from raw partition,recover files of partitons which are not NTFS,nor exfat,nor fat32.


Reformatting an SD card with a different file system, or even with the same one, may make the card slower, or shorten its lifespan. Some cards use wear leveling, in which frequently modified blocks are mapped to different portions of memory at different times, and some wear-leveling algorithms are designed for the access patterns typical of FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. In addition, the preformatted file system may use a cluster size that matches the erase region of the physical memory on the card; reformatting may change the cluster size and make writes less efficient.

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