Free Math Calculator says that their math calculator is a good replacement for the built-in calculator of Microsoft Windows and it comes with a few additional and useful functions. They say that the application of this math calculator is easy to use because it has a simple and user-friendly interface with which all the basic calculations can be done quite quickly. If the laptop has a numeric pad, calculations can be done still faster, they add.

Free Math Calculator continues that this math calculator comes with a print function also using which calculations can be printed. For knowing what the printer is printing, the right arrow sign on the screen of the app has to be pressed and it will show the details. Copying and pasting of the numbers can be done and hence, there is no need to write down or memorize the results of the calculations, says Free Math Calculator.

Free Math Calculator points out that the Undo button of the app will help in correcting wrong operations. As far as decimal separation is concerned, the app has buttons as in a physical calculator and these buttons will show the decimal part up to 4 digits, says Free Math Calculator. In short, according to them, this math calculator is very useful for all the basic calculations.

They again stress that the main advantages of this math calculator are that its user interface as well as its Copy, Paste and the Undo functions are easy to use, you can get all the calculations of every calculation series printed by viewing them separately and round the decimal parts of the numbers up to 4 digits. Free Math Calculator says that this math calculator is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows and 32/64 bit systems.

About Free Math Calculator

Free Math Calculator, that is hailed as a good replacement for Microsoft Windows' built-in calculator. This math calculator comes with a few additional functions also like printing the calculations, viewing what is being printed, etc.

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