Orlando, FL - April 04, 2016 - Calluses form due to friction, and they are the manifestation of the body’s effort to protect itself from pain. Dead layers of the skin often build up in the constant presence of friction and pressure. Individuals with calluses should take time to learn about these skin layers to prevent or treat them.

According to experts, understanding calluses is one of the keys to their prevention and treatment. Calluses can be absolutely harmless until they become painful. Individuals who suffer from diabetes or circulatory diseases, which decrease the blood flow in the feet, should learn more about calluses.

There are certain factors that are believed to contribute to the development of calluses, and they include heredity, poor posture, bone structure, and a bad pair of shoes.

Experts recommend that people should wear shoes that fit them well as this will prevent calluses from forming. They should find comfortable, well-adjusted shoes that do not cause pressure and friction. This is important for individuals who wear shoes like boots and high-heels on a regular basis.

It is similarly important to regularly use a moisturizer. This can help prevent and eliminate calluses. For women, the use of moisturizers is common. However, there are also moisturizers for men that would help them increase their protection against calluses.

When calluses are not prevented, managed, or eliminated, they could eventually result in undesirable consequences. There are working women who find it hard to wear their shoes because of calluses. There are runners whose performance is jeopardized by the pain caused by their callus.

Foot pampering is important to fight callus formation. This can be done at salons or at home. When going to salons, it is important to see if the metal tools they use are sanitized. People should see to it that they get out of the salon without being infected from bacteria and virus.

They can also have their foot pampering experience at home. They may have a weekly foot soak and scrub to reduce the risk of developing calluses. This method often involved soaking the feet in a vinegar and warm water solution for about 10 minutes.

Using a pumice stone can also be helpful for scraping away dead skin. Experts recommend that people should stay away from using sharp metal objects to get rid of calluses.

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