In the field of construction, contractors are normally looking for building materials made and manufactured to incorporate both insulation and also acoustic properties - Celotex products have long been among the builder's first selection for lightweight insulation and acoustical ceilings, but today the Celotex product lines go much farther in the industry of building. Today's Celotex items are created to be 'green,' which makes them a lot more desirable in all kinds of construction projects from hospitals to homes.

What is Celotex, anyway? Celotex is fiberboard, a non-natural product that is made from fast-growing, (sustainable) soft wood chips and content such as newspapers as well as other recycled elements all of which is held together by natural adhesives which contain no added formaldehydes. Unlike many chemically heavy manufactured merchandise, Celotex fiber boards do not produce the allergens as well as toxic fumes which can make living and working in a newly constructed building physically challenging for some. For this reason Celotex products are both earth-friendly in their production as well as a lot more ecologically sound in their final purpose - absorbing harmful heat, cold, and noise.

During the last century, when the world was not aware of specific health problems, Celotex was amongst the many insulation products manufactured containing asbestos among other materials. That was then. Now, having been taught by the mistakes of the past, Celotex construction products are among the most recommended building materials of their kind combining sustainability with outstanding performance. Celotex has, once again, thought its rightful spot on the top of the building materials pile and has regained its reputation among construction experts. The popularity, as a matter of truth, continues to grow at an unexpectedly rapid rate.

There are many of applications for which Celotex is particularly well suited. Celotex ceiling tile has been around for decades. It is the ceiling tile to choose for hospitals, schools and other public buildings where noise is a big problem. Architects globally choose Celotex for not just its elegance and also durability but also owing to the outstanding acoustic rating of Celotex ceiling tiles. Furthermore, since a Celotex drop in ceiling is modular naturally, a broken or discolored tile could be replaced without replacing the entire ceiling grid. This, naturally, makes maintenance budget-friendly.

Of course, Celotex ceilings are not all of the drop-in range. Usually, Celotex ceiling tiles are used on present ceilings using adhesive. The glue-on application is also a well known solution to outdated "popcorn" ceilings which abound in apartment complexes, offices and other buildings around the country. Installing a glue-on ceiling may update and upgrade a rental property - either residential or maybe commercial - with almost no time and minimum expense.

Celotex ceiling tiles now come in a dazzling variety of styles and colors. The days of flat, white uninspired ceilings are gone. One may re-design an entire room around a ceiling that has the look of an ornate tin treatment, elaborately beveled tiles or even more simple textures designed to blend in with a less flamboyant space. Design experts are deeply in love with the numerous choices available in the Celotex tile product line. Hardly ever does a product combine elegance and utility so innovatively.

With only a few tools - a tape measure, a screw driver and a drill, even non-professionals and do-it-yourself-ers may tackle a ceiling replacement project with spectacular results. The tiles, which look more expensive than they usually are, may be purchased individually or in cases at most building and also home improvements like Lowes or Celotex ceiling tile.

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