24 December, 2013: The growth of the internet has lead to most businesses having an on line presence. Some are partially on line,while others exist mainly or solely by this means.

No matter how small or great this presence is, no company will ever have any sales or customers if no one knows of their existence. Until recently, business owners relied on purely search engine optimisation to make their website visible in order to attract many more of the pubic who were actively looking for the products and services that there particular business sold.

Depending on this method alone no longer suffices, as social media, dominated by Twitter and Facebook, now play a major role in the success in any internet company.

A decade ago, there was no such thing as these giant media sites.At the start, it was mainly young people who used these sites, and many believed that they were nothing but a passing phase that would disappear just as quickly as they had sprung up.

How wrong these people have proved to be. There are not many households in any civilised country in the world where at least one member, if not the entire family are not engaging with others through the main social media sites.

The businesses have now jumped on the band wagon, and business owners are finding that by participating on Twitter and Facebook, they are not only letting others know about their products, but are selling their goods to fellow social media users.

Some spend hours a day getting their company name out to hopefully raise their profits, but this is very time consuming.

Research has shown that companies revenue increases greatly when social media sites are in use. However statistics from this research show that businesses should use a professional company to provide their social media management. Social media management can relive any company director of any direct involvement in Twitter and Facebook for business reasons. This saves time, and frees him to simply run his business. This social media management works for all sizes and niches of companies but some some firms concentrate on promoting small businesses on line.

Not only does the services of social media management save time but it has shown time and time again to be more effective. These experts know for example what messages to put out for their clients, and what time is best to do this.This promoting small businesses on line is extremely worth while and profitable, but at the same time, very easily arranged and very inexpensive. One of the best social media management companies is www.tweeturbizuk.com headed by John Toal who is a leading expert at promoting small businesses on line, as well as handling major concerns. Tweet Ur biz has gone from strength to strength, as has many of the businesses that it has promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

Business experts predict that without the help of a company like that of John Toal, a business will lose out on it’s competitors who use social media management.

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