~ Meet the cast of the Turkish blockbuster FATMAGUL that premieres on Zindagi on 30th June, 2016~

Mumbai, June 2016: The very popular Turkish stars Beren Saat & Engin Akyürek who have become household names across the world for their roles as Fatmagul and Kerim, in the blockbuster show Fatmagul, will also soon shine on Indian television.  The show has aired in 37 countries and is a global hit striking an emotional chord with audiences all over the world. It will launch on Zindagi on 30th June, 2016 at 8:50 pm. Based on a novel by Vedat Türkali, Fatmagul stars Beren Saat, Engin Akyürek, Fırat Çelik in the lead roles and is the story of a beautiful and kind hearted girl named Fatmagul.


Beren Saat who has mesmerised viewers across the world, with her talent in the title role of Fatmagul is sure to charm Indian viewers too. Beren has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her acting right from the start of her career.  One of the highest-paid actress in Turkey today, Beren made her acting debut with a minor part in a television series in 2014 after being discovered by Turkish director Tomris GiritlioÄŸlu. In addition to her acting career, Saat is noted for her charitable efforts.


Playing the part of Kerim, a diligent and hardworking blacksmith, Turkish actor Engin Akyurek, is a dashing and handsome star who has impressed viewers with his talent and pleasing personality be it on Television, Films or Theatre. The actor has won numerous awards for his television series and films, in fact, enacting the role of Kerim in Fatmagul is one of his most appreciated role in his television career.


This Turkish Blockbuster, starring Beren Saat & Engin Akyurek, will also surely set a new benchmark in good story telling on Indian television.


Witness the heart-warming story of Fatmagul that will shatter the qualms of society on Zindagi premiering 30th June, 2016 at 8:50 PM


Atul Malikram


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