In response to audio recordings of Taps being played at military veterans’ funerals, the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps is training local high school trumpet players in the art of playing Taps to ensure veterans receive the live tribute they deserve.

Students from across eastern Oklahoma will attend a training workshop at Central Center in Centennial Park, March 26th from 10:30 AM — 12:45 PM. The event is being supported locally by the VFW District 5 Honor Guard.

"It’s an honor to participate in the celebration of the lives of veterans who helped make our country what it is today," said Katie Prior, Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps Founder.

The Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps was founded by Katie Prior- a tenth grader herself- after she discovered that many veterans receive an audio recording of Taps instead of a live performance. Katie earned her Girl Scout Gold Award for the project and has since expanded the program across the country with over 60 student volunteers in 16 states.

Student volunteers will be eligible to earn $25 tuition cards for funerals served in 2016 thanks to donations from LeadingAgile and

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About the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps
Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps Association is a service organization dedicated to honoring military veterans and is operated by high school trumpet players volunteering to use their gifts for the services. The organization is based in Oklahoma City and has a mission to train, support, and recognize high school trumpet players who volunteer and also to foster patriotism in youth through volunteerism.

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