As people get too old, they find it difficult to even do daily chores. Such individuals especially, need a helping hand. Animals can be trained to become domestic help that was great. Along with helping they may also provide great companionship. The most preferable pets are dogs. Cats are kept as pets to provide business to individuals like senior citizens who are stressed out or are blood pressure patients, heart patients to help them defeat on anxiety. Exotic pets including capuchin monkeys are trained with this goal. Not only are they huge help for senior citizens but as well as for the physically impaired such as blind people and quadriplegics.

Service dogs are dogs are specially trained dogs for patients with disabilities. The hearing dog is a particular kind of service dog which are trained to help the hearing impaired and deaf people. They help by alerting the disabled when it hears significant sounds including phone rings, doorbells, alarm clocks and smoke alarms. They are of great help not only within the house, but also outside. They alert the handler when someone forklifts, and calls out the individual's name, approaching sirens. Hearing dogs can be understood by the bright orange leash and collar they may be made to wear. Sometimes they even wear a cape which may be of any colour or a coat.

Some service dogs are also trained as mobility assistance dog to help a physically impaired individual. They can be trained to open and close doors, pick things up, as well as turn the switches on and off. Dogs with bigger build are also trained to pull patients. They do this with the help of a special harness which eases objects to be pulled by them.

They can be also trained as walker dogs, which are also nicknamed as canes that were living. They help patients with Parkinson's disease and other illnesses. While walking they assist their owners with the help of their gait and also provide balance. In case the handler falls off, by acting as a brace the dog helps to regain position. All types of mobility assistance dogs are allowed in areas where pet are not allowed, like in transportations and public places.

Dogs are also trained for helping individuals with Type 1 diabetes. They're service dogs trained to smell the scent changes within the body which helps to ascertain hypoglycemia or low blood glucose. Another sort of service dogs is seizure response dog. They help patients with epilepsy or seizure disorder. They help to seek help in the event of emergency, block the handler with absence seizures, pull dangerous objects from the body, and wake up the unconscious patient. They may be also trained to use a pre-programmed telephone. They also supply physical and psychological support as well as carry information about the patient's medical condition. Visit at to get more information .

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