TSE has released information about the system and the positive effect it will have

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA, MAY 31, 2016 — Tri State Enforcement is proud to announce the implementation of the new Crime Watch Hotline and has released details about the effect it will have for local businesses and communities. The West Virginia — based Tri State Enforcement is a specialized security and investigations agency whose services are retained by government, corporate, and other entities.

TSE will begin the roll-out of the Crime Watch Operation starting June 1, 2016, at select locations throughout the greater Huntington region; and will expand to include other regions including locations around their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania headquarters, and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The team at Tri State Enforcement provides a suite of security and protective services for higher risk locations with emphasis on improving the overall safety and positively impacting the communities where they operate.

Tri State Enforcement said this will be a huge step step forward in providing the best service to their partners and clients, and that communities will also reap benefits.

Director E. R. Blake had this to say about the new system “Tri State Enforcement is the only private sector partner in the the tri-state area to implement a system like this as far as I know. The system is for the benefit of our clients and partners we serve, and for the communities where these locations are. The criminal element that we work to eradicate are often the same individuals that impact the communities and the residents in the areas we work; and we want to work with communities and local police departments to enhance not only the safety of our clients and partners, but the community at large.”

Tri State Enforcement says it will place special signage in areas that are highly visible, where people can read the message, and be able to take the number to make anonymous tips. Tri State Enforcement believes as tips start coming in, the callers will see action being taken based on the tips, and will then encourage others to call and report information. The tips will be delivered in real time to the Tri State Enforcement operations center, which operates 24/7.

“It's another avenue for people to be empowered, and to effect positive change. Not everyone wants to approach one of our officers and share information that way, and others will only feel comfortable with anonymity; so this addresses getting that

information that we may not otherwise have access to. It will result in increased criminal apprehension, decreased crime, and criminals will take their illegal activity elsewhere” said Blake.

Tri State Enforcement has a history of innovation and educating others about private sector protection partners. The agency operates very similar to most police departments, and provides superior options to those seeking a better solution. Their divisions include security and protective services, investigations, court and judicial services, executive protection,  homeland security, and other specialized services.

“Government and businesses are historically undeserved in these markets, and they're overwhelmed by companies who deliver substandard solutions. You get a very low price for services, but results in basically an illusion of security and an unacceptable level of service delivered. Part of Tri State Enforcement's formation was to change this, especially in the post 9/11 world we live in today” said Blake.

Tri State Enforcement is excited about the implementation, and the positive effect they believe it will have in both the short and long term. More information about the agency, including the Crime Watch Operation, can be found at http://www.tseonline.org/.
Edward Blake, Director
Tri State Enforcement
Phone: +01 877-299-7710
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tseonline.org