Marietta Tree Removal Company adds emergency tree removal and tree trimming services.

Living in the South has its share of severe weather, and with Georgia recently drenched in rain, the ground is supersaturated with water.

“The amount of rain we have had is actually a bad thing. It makes the root structures of trees very susceptible to uprooting. Of course, strong winds and tornadoes do not help matters either,” said Jacob Addison, Operations Manager with Tree Removal Marietta.

Tree Removal Marietta is a tree care service that has recently expanded into emergency tree removal and trimming services.

“Following a major storm with high winds and even tornadoes, trees can block roads, driveways and even damage homes. When this happens, we are on the road helping and assisting homeowners and motorists,” Addison continued.

As a full service tree care specialist, preventative maintenance can be more valuable than emergency work.

“Preventative maintenance is cutting limbs that may hang over homes, old trees that are dead and dying or any sort of tree and stump removal, “ Addison said.

Because of the inherent danger of tree removal, having a licensed and insured tree care specialist is paramount. Most insurance companies will not pay unless the tree surgeon meets both requirements. Tree Removal Marietta meets all requirements with all employees.

“Extreme care is necessary after a storm especially because of the damage, debris and possible downed electrical lines. If you have doubt, leave it alone until it is checked out,” Addison added.

Tree Removal Marietta also offers free written quotes and serves all of the metro Atlanta area.

“While we are expanding emergency services, we are still available for any tree pruning, removal and cleanup. Do not hesitate to call us,” Addison said.

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