Many people worldwide want to know more about Russia. Indeed, the interest to this post-soviet country has significantly increased in recent years. The explanation of this popularity are Winter Olympic Games which will take place in Sochi. Olympic Games are among the most important sports event that attract athletes and fans from different parts of the world.

The whole sports community discusses the next 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The increased interest to these competitions is explained by the host city of this event — Sochi. It is necessary to mention that Russia is not a rookie in hosting this type of competitions. Moscow was a host city of 1980 Summer Olympic Games. Many years have passed since those times and Russia is not that mysterious soviet country as it used to be. Though Russian Federation is opened for visitors and tourists, most foreigners do not know much about this vast country.

As a host country of the next Winter Games, Sochi invites athletes and sports fans from various parts of the world. While many people will enjoy this fairytale from their TV screens, the most inveterate fans want to be present at the stadiums and feel the atmosphere of each competition. Since many people do not know much about Russia and Sochi  tries to lift the curtain over the upcoming Olympic Games and their host city. The website contains lots of useful information about Russia and can provide you with answers to lots of questions you may have. By visiting this website, you will find detailed information about planned events, city’s sights, hotels,  sochi 2014 tickets  booking, etc. will become your city guide-book and will help discover the peculiarities of this city before visiting it. By visiting this website, you find comprehensive articles that will help find answers to most of your questions. Thus, you will find detailed information about the Olympic Village and tips on how to book tickets without overpaying. If you want to stay in a comfortable and affordable hotel, just find the category of articles dedicated to this particular question. While staying in Sochi you will probably want to see its sight. This city has lots of interesting places that you can visit between the competitions. provides detailed maps so that you could avoid the risk of being lost. Though Sochi is a compact city, it is better having a map that will help find any place you may be looking for. This will help avoid stresses and enjoy competitions and your trip to Russia.

In other words, will help you take the most of your trip to Sochi and enjoy every day spent there. The more you know about the country you plan visiting, the more miracles you can discover.

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