Comtec have had a collaborative relationship with Amtico, helping them deliver their brand values with clarity and consistency across a wide range of markets, and all from their UK head office. The key to the company’s international growth has been the communication of core brand messages translated and localised to fit with the specific market. Amtico is now one of the largest exporters in the Midlands region.

Research from the Common Sense Advisory Service states that an international consumer is four times more likely to buy a product or service if it is offered in their native language, meaning that localising marketing and technical content is a key aspect to successful exporting.

As part of the translation process with Comtec, Amtico develops all its marketing and technical material centrally in the UK before it is translated by Comtec’s team of specialist translators. The point of difference comes when Comtec helps Amtico get valuable on-the-ground feedback from its local market teams via their online review tools. This simple process ensures that local expertise is captured with specific feedback on terminology, style, tone and product usage.

“Local market teams bring us a unique insight into the particular consumer behaviour and brand perception of a foreign market or region, to ensure that, while our core brand messages remain consistent in every market we enter, we are also able to adapt to fit local needs” explains Sophia McKain, European Marketing Manager, Amtico. “This provides us with fully localised content that truly connects with the local customers.’

Sophie Howe, Managing Director of Comtec Translations has seen for herself the benefit of localised translations, having worked with hundreds of exporters over the last few years. “We always advise businesses to adopt a similar approach to Amtico when it comes to translation of their marketing and technical material. Our team of professional translators provide the expertise to translate and localise the material, but nothing beats the knowledge of the local market teams who are on the road selling the products and services. Their input can really help to pick up on preferences in terms of style, tone and terminology. If the government is aiming to increase the number of exporters by 2020 then localisation is definitely a factor that can help more businesses become successful exporters, like Amtico,” she said.


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