Transcript of Mr Pranesh Chaudhary- CEO and founder of ZunRoof


  1. How much studies and efforts have you done for successfully working on this project ZunRoof's all-IIT founding team has a great mix of skill sets and 25 years+ of combined experience from having worked across the world in sectors as varied as Financial Services to Construction Management to Power Products' R&D. With this background, we started developing our apps and hardware’s as early as Q1 2016. At the same time, we started talking to residential and SME roof owners to understand the electricity-related issues they were facing.

Having left our cushy corporate and consulting jobs, we prepared for close to 6 months on explainer videos, marketing materials as well as on the tech that differentiates our solar installations. We also went ahead and signed vendors and procurement partners in this time so we could keep our costs down and pass on the engineering benefits to our clients.


  1. What would be your plan of action and strategic vision for Zunroof ?

Our apps can be divided into design and delivery verticals - the over-riding aim is to minimise the entire "going solar" process to a few clicks for the residential and SME rooftop owners. App provides you a detailed analysis of your electricity bill, shows you how your roof will look post solar installation. The app helps our engineers perform shadow analysis of your roof to figure out the best area on your roof to put solar.

Then, the app provides the clients all the delivery updates when their system is getting delivered. Another very important part of the app starts post-installation when it provides you notifications and charts of solar production. It becomes your investment dashboard for solar.

  1. Could you talk about some events that influenced you to become what you are today? 

We envision ZunRoof to be the single largest clean-tech brand for consumers - "any issue that you have related to energy or electricity, we will solve it". We have started by utilising un-used roofs for putting solar and as we understand more and more pain points for the consumers, will keep adding software and hardware solutions for them


  1. What will give you a sense of fulfillment in your professional life? 

Born and having lived in a small town of Bihar till my teenage days with very limited means, two aspects of our lives were crystal clear to me - one, make your own way in the world (hence entrepreneurship) and two, whenever electricity came back after hours, everyone got happy, so electricity/energy is an important dimension in our lives (hence solving electricity issues).

Hence, when Sushant (my friend for 10+ years and IIT Kharagpur batchmate with huge solar and product dev experience) and I started putting our entrepreneurial plans on paper, we zeroed on this. We need to make the world a better place while we are here and we need leave the world in an even better state than we found it - ZunRoof allows us to do both as every kW of our installation is equivalent to planting 154 trees

  1. What was in your mind when you developed this app 

Oh, like chalk and cheese - there is no app in the solar segment, even at 10% of the technical nous and finesse we have in our app. VR, Image processing, analytics, IOT - none of these are buzzwords for us, these are actual cutting-edge tech solutions we have applied in our app. Our operations is completely automated too with our internal apps which has meant we have been able to scale with speed with minimal leakage risk


  1. Do you think your project will get success 

Solving solar rooftop puzzle for all residential and SME clients, automating the end-to-end client experience in a few clicks.


  1. How many team members are there who all are working on this project in both back end and front end?

100% - we are growing at an insane speed and there is a whole world of untapped rooftops and consumers with electricity-woes that need solving

  1. Till now from which region you are getting maximum response 

We are scaling like crazy and from a 20-member team at the beginning of 2018, we are already 70+ folks, spread across different functions.  Delhi NCR is where we started and are clearly the market leaders in every city of the region. Within 4-6 months, we expect to say the same for 7+ states in India