Transcript- KavitaKaushik who plays Dr. BhanumatiBhinn in SAB Tv

Q1. You are back on SAB TV with a new show. How does it feel?

Ans:- It feels great to be back working on SAB TV. It’s a great channel and it’s a known territory, it’s known people and it’s a happy channel which does clean comedy. It’s been my territory for 9 years so I have always had a great association working with the channel. I am very happy and glad that they have given me such a wonderful crazy character like Dr. Bhanumati to play yet again. They have given me such a beautiful big playground to show my acting prowess and I think only SAB TV makes these happy shows and happy larger than life characters and this channel gives one that platform and I am very happy to be back on SAB TV.

Q2. Tell us about the concept of the show Dr. Bhanumati on Duty

Ans:-DrBhanumati on duty is a hospital comedy and there are these amazing crazy, cases and patients that come in to this hospital and DrBhanumati cures them with alternate treatment and her own style of medical treatment which is very interesting, funny, surprising and shocking, basically it is all in one. As her name suggests BhanumatiBhinn- Bhinnbhinntareeko se ilaajkartihai.

Q3. How is Bhanumati different from ChandramukhiChautala?

Ans:- Although Bhanumati and Chandramukhi share a lot of strong basic qualities like courage, fighting for justice, helping other people, bravery. There is certain amount of difference in their personalities one is their origin, Chandramukhi belonged to Haryana so she spoke Haryanvi, Bhanumati belongs to Rajasthan she is a Maharaja’s daughter and she speaks Rajasthani. Unlike Chandramukhi, Bhanumati is very feminine yet she is very intimidating people around her are usually scared of her. She has a lot of color and flair of adaayein and a lot of naaz and style in a very womanly manner, Chandramukhi was like one of the boys bhanumati is the lady and apart from having a lot of womanly anecdotes she is extremely strong and intimidating and speaks very highly of women empowerment. Every-time I say unlike Chandramukhi I also say like Chandramukhibecause somewhere you could look at them as two very strong individuals, definitely different personalities that is where the challenge lies to play them differently so that they look like two different people although played by the same person. But they share a lot of basic integral qualities but yet they are very different.

Q4. How did you prepare yourself for the role?

Ans:-I have infact done a special exercise and yoga regime to make my body look different from how I used to look as Chandramukhi where I had a leaner body. For Bhanumati I have worked out and indulged in certain exercises which make me look curvy and gives my body a feminine body language. A lot of intense research has gone behind the character of Bhanumati.

Q5. Your character BhanumatiBhinn is seen as a daredevil army officer, will we see you pulling off a few stunts on the show?

Ans:- Well I guess my name is synonym with action when it comes to television. I love doing all my action and stunts myself and yes I hope and yes we have shot the first promo which is a full on action promo apart from that as in when in the episode, in fact my introduction is a very high voltage action introduction and time and again in the show very often we will have a lot of action and of course I will be doing it all by myself because that’s what my amusement park is coming to shoot and knowing there is an action sequence and there are fight masters on the set, I feel like I have walked into an amusement park and I am going to sit on some amazing rides, that gives me a great adrenaline rush and makes me very happy. So for sure you will be seeing me do a lot of action.

Q6. GopiBhalla and you have been a part of FIR earlier and now this show, how has your experience been working with him?

Ans:- I go 9 years back with Gopiji, I have seen him every day for 9 years of my life which is a very very long association. In fact today when we met at the shoot for the first time for this show it was a very emotional moment and he came and hugged me like he has never before and I could feel in that hug that he really missed working together and spending time together because we used to have a great time and I must say I am very naughty and specially with my co-actors, I feel you don’t have fun in the day and don’t laugh and it gets really boring because we do comedy and it the toughest genre to depict and perform. While doing comedy you need to be very happy and in a good mood. I used to play a lot of pranks on people and mostly it would be Gopiji because he is very sweet and innocent and I love pulling his leg. I am looking forward to play a lot more pranks on him.

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