May 11, 2016 - SC Natural have recently launched its new and completely natural ingredient rich anxiety relief supplement, Tranquility.  Tranquility provides a calmer start to the day in today’s fast-paced and stressful environment. The product is launched with a complete money back guarantee.

Anxiety is a growing issue in people’s lives these days. It is all because of the fast paced modern day lifestyle where there is so much going and in a simple moment anxiety can be created which doesn’t let people be who they actually are. Wanting to provide calmness to the start of every day, SC Natural has recently launched it new supplement, Tranquility. This new product has been gaining great response from buyers since its launch.

“Tranquility is our anxiety relief supplement for reducing anxiety, panic and stress. It contains 100 percent natural ingredients and is non — habit forming for a calmer outlook on life”, commented a spokesperson from SC Natural.

Reportedly, the newly launched product does not contain any harsh chemical or habit forming material. It is made from naturally found ingredients which are known to relax and calm. Every capsule in a pack of 60 contains clinically proven natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, magnesium and vital B — Vitamins. All these ingredients are great stress relievers and fight anxiety.

Confident about the effects of this new supplement, SC Natural have launched it with a complete money back, no questions asked, guarantee.  Looking at the ratings and reviews it has received from customers so far in the short time since its launch, it seems as if their confidence on their product was not wrong.

People have applauded the product for its effectiveness and being all natural. “We wanted people to be completely satisfied with the results they get after using Tranquility. Thus we brought many exotic ingredients and essential vitamins together to form Tranquility. We want to aid their journey to a calmer outlook”, the company officials said.

The product has been made available on for all, at a significantly reduced price of $19.99. With so many reviews and consistent 5 star ratings from the customers, its fan pool is growing day by day. SC Natural are anticipating that it will provide a helping hand for many of their customers.

SC Natural is part of SmartChoice Fitness’ natural supplement and holistic range.  SmartChoice Fitness is a family run business and their ethos is to help people no matter what their abilities or goals to welcome changes in their lives which will improve both their well-being and fitness.   They are about tweaking basic elements of people’s lifestyles, and give lots of tips and advice on their website —   Diet and exercise is hugely important to physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing is no less important to ensure people feel their best everyday.   Smartchoice Fitness currently have two different brands:  SmartChoice which covers the more physical element; and SC Natural which covers the holistic approach.
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