(Free Press Release) Discovery Call to be held on October 20th for interested parties.

Mississippi, USA - October 07, 2010 -- The Six Sigma Marketing Institute is hosting a discovery call for interested parties that are looking to join their network. Founder of the Six Sigma Marketing Institute and creator of the 5Cs of Driving Market Share, Dr. Eric Reidenbach will outline the Licensing program and the Certification process. The first discovery call will be held on Wednesday, October 20th at 3:00 PM EST.

Six Sigma Marketing is a fact-based, disciplined approach for growing market share in targeted product/markets by providing superior value. The Six Sigma Marketing Institute is dedicated to the advancement and deployment of Six Sigma Marketing. At the heart of SSM is a modified DMAIC process that provides the architecture for growing top line revenues and market share.

For more information, please go to http://DrivingMarketShare.com.

Dr Reidenbach says, "Turning the power of Six Sigma outward and focusing on growing market share will provide infinite number of value laden projects for the Six Sigma Black belts and it will help Chief Marketing Officers reject agenda-based programs that have no accountability and instead allow them to adopt a systematic disciplined approach to growing market share based on the voice of the market."

If you are a Consulting Organization or a Six Sigma Black Belt within an organization you may want to join this discovery call to discuss this new opportunity. There is a cost for this training.

A Licensed Six Sigma Marketer will receive:

* Right to sell and conduct 5 Cs of Driving Market Share
* Right to engage in Six Sigma Marketing Value Programs
* Comprehensive Packet of Marketing Materials for lead generation
* 4 hours of training on the 5Cs of Driving Market Share
* 8 hours of Statistical Training
* 8 hours of training on the Value tools utilized in the 5Cs of Driving Market Share.
* Directory Listing on the Driving Market Share Website.

Advance Training will be offered after completion of above:

* 2 day intensive on the 5Cs of Driving Market Share.
* Certification as a Master Six Sigma Marketer
* Web page on the Driving Market Share
* Participation in the Lead Generation Program

Dr. Eric Reidenbach is the Director of the Six Sigma Marketing Institute, the leading organizations and authority of Six Sigma Marketing. His consulting services are absolutely unique. They are filled with proprietary measurement and management techniques designed to help you grow market share and top line revenues.

Business901 assists in the management of the program and will be the host of the Discovery Call. Joe Dager is President of Business901 and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

For more information visit DrivingMarketShare.com

Contact :
Joseph T. Dager
The Six Sigma Marketing
Mississippi, USA
[email protected]