United States of America, 12/18/2013: Traffic Attorney VA is the perfect platform to get all the information one might need for being successful in their reckless driving defence. Mainly focussing in the region of Virginia, this site helps in keeping the insurance low and the record clean. Statistics show that in 2011, Michael J. Letsen dismissed 76 of the 77 speeding ticket cases and 23 of the 27 reckless driving cases that came to him. In 2012, he dismissed 73 of the 76 speeding ticket cases and 45 of the 49 reckless driving cases brought to him.

What separates this Smyth County Virginia reckless driving lawyer from the rest is the specialized knowledge and years of experience, guaranteeing targeted and tailor- made solutions. The office understands one thing i.e. people ask the services of an attorney only after going through some very stressful situations. What these people need is someone who really cares about them and will go all the distance to put a smile right back on their faces. Because of this reason, Bristol Virginia reckless driving lawyer’s office not only ensures that their clients get top-of-the-line legal offerings but also the highly deserved reassurance.

DUI is very complicated and usually involves field sobriety tests, conduct of driver, science, etc. Being a Washington County Virginia reckless driving lawyer, he goes through some great steps with his clients before making the call. The very first thing that one is required to make sure is that whether the stop was valid or not. The other things to consider include whether the car was stopped at check point, whether the officer had actually seen the person driving, or whether the police received an anonymous tip. The next thing that needs to be figured out is whether there was a probable cause for making a valid arrest, whether the driver had an odour of alcohol, slurred speech or bloodshot eyes, how the driver fared the field sobriety tests, and the preliminary breath test results. Last but not the least, one other thing that needs to be considered is that whether the accused was on a private or public highway while driving.

At the time of urgency, professional legal expertise is not the only thing that can be counted upon. It is also very much essential to wrap up the entire matter as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This bristol virginia reckless driving attorney, in addition to the legal advice, provides its clients with a large number of helpful services as well. This particular website concentrates mainly on traffic but this Abingdon Virginia reckless driving attorney’s office delivers valuable services in almost the fields of law.

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Traffic Attorney provides traffic defence attorney in the region of Tazewell County, Buchanan County, City of Bristol, Smyth County, and Washington County. The services are offered by Michael J. Letsen and his team of experts.