Trading venues around the globe are facing constant challenges just because general investors are losing faith in equity markets more than ever before due to the global and regional economic meltdown. Stiffened regulation and emergence of new-age trading options have thrown a tough challenge to the businesses worldwide and there are many who are collaborating with their competitors to overcome the fresh challenges and are working closely with the technology vendors all for the sake of cutting down costs and staying buoyant in the increasingly competitive business world. TradeTech Conference London which is to be held from 16-18 April will have some of the who’s who of the equity trading market and these key speakers would address the major issues that are now being a prime concern of the companies. Major market risks including counterparty risk would be vividly discussed and the conference is expected to find some new solutions for the known and unknown threats.


Forty senior speakers have already confirmed their presence at the London TradeTech conference. This list includes some of the top CTOs and CEOs representing different global companies. Attendees of the conference will get detailed insights on how to grow their trading venues for attracting more investors. The conference will also address issues like using advanced technologies for improving the efficiency of these businesses. Cost efficiency is a big part of managing this kind of business and the global leaders will surely unveil the otherwise largely unknown strategies including effective cost management for upgrading this kind of business from the conference podium. Parties involved in multilateral trading are quite naturally concerned about counterparty risk and other types of market risks. The conference will surely show a new way to attendees on how to keep the risks to the minimum.


According to what has already been confirmed by several news sources and the official website of the organizers, the London TradeTech conference which will bring into focus trading venues business growth strategies will be split into two days and the first day of the conference will be focused on exploring new growth and sustenance strategies. There are many business owners who are quite concerned about the new regulations that are already in effect including the Dodd—Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39/EC, revised Market Abuse Directive and the key speakers will address these issues and will also reveal effective wayouts. Day Two of the conference will address the issues related to incorporating technologies such as cloud computing for trading venue business growth. Counterparty risk and other key issues will also be discussed.


Who will be the keynoters in the London conference projected to be focused on trading venues business growth and development? Some of the names include Mr. Christian Katz (CEO, Six Swiss Exchange), Dr. Ibrahim Turhan (CEO and Chairman, Istanbul Menkul Kiymetler Borsasi), Mr. Ivan Takev (CTO, Bulgarian Stock Exchange), and Mr. Brian Healy (Director, Traded Markets, Irish Stock Exchange) among many others. It is expected that the conference will turn into a great meeting and networking place for the business leaders from around the world who are in the same business of trading and counterparty risk and many other key issues would be vividly discussed.

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