At the close of the official tourist season in Menorca the Spanish island reported gentle signs of recovery in the number of visitors to the area. Following a discouraging end to the last decade the new figures finally reveal that tourist numbers are on the increase.

Companies like Bartle Holidays are also seeing a rise in occupation rates and in the first nine months of the year reported a marked increase as compared to the previous year. The average length of stay on the island is also slightly longer than before, with visitors now staying for approximately six days.

These trends are encouraging for companies like Bartle Holidays who wish to see the same positive figures next year. As this season comes to an end the tourist industry in Menorca has plenty of positives to draw from, boding well for next year’s market. The increase in tourists over the last year alongside indications that this figure will continue to rise are hopeful signs that Menorca’s tourism will not suffer in the economic instabilities.

With Britons being the second most common nationality for visitors to Menorca, many holiday companies like Bartle Holidays will focus their attentions on a British market. Figures show that the majority of Brits travelling to the island arrive on a package holiday, compared to a much lower number in the Spanish resorts of Mallorca and Ibiza. Tour operators therefore believe that on going forward it is important to ‘sell the island, not the hotels’, allowing their customers and the tourism industry to benefit.

The new figures also reflect an increase in other non-Spanish arrivals compared to previous years, producing encouraging signs that Menorca is becoming a recovered tourist destination on an international scale.

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