(Free Press Release) The numbers are in, and tourism and retirement statistics for the Baja, Mexico region are rising confidently in the wake of the worldwide economic downturn.

Baja, Mexico - October 25, 2010 -- Tourism numbers and the number of foreigners retiring in the coastal regions of Baja, Mexico are on the rise.As reported in the LA Times, tourism to Mexico is up by 20% when compared to the same timeframe of 2009. This is in contrast to international travel only being up by 6%. This seems to be occurring in spite of the down economy and the widespread reports of the drug cartel violence in Mexico. Additionally, the US Consulate reports that retirement of Americans in the Baja region of Mexico is most likely underreported at 170,000. There are likely a number of reasons for this recent boom in travel to and retirement in Baja, Mexico.

Travel to the Baja region is up, even while the global economy is on the downturn.In spite of, and probably because of, the tough economic times people are still finding the desire to travel. It allows one to escape the rigors of day to day life and work. The Baja region is still very affordable with regards to food, accommodations, activities and shopping. Local cuisine is fresh and inexpensive.Beach activities range from free(sitting on the sand) to an abundance of low cost activities to take part in (sport fishing, surfing, kayaking, etc.).In addition, the region is a short plane ride way, or a long drive away from, many US and Canadians departure cities. And many who visit the Baja region will return for another visit, and many will make the area their second home.

There must certainly be a connection with the increase in tourism to Mexico and the sharp rise in the amount of people retiring, full or part time, in Mexico. In the famous sport fishing region of Los Barriles, beachfront home ranges from $600k for a luxury beach front casa to $200k for a lovely beach bungalow a short walk to the beach, to value priced lots boasting ocean views from $30,000. (Compare that to the millions you would pay for beach front property in California, for example.)There are many well developed small towns within a short driving distance from bustling Cabo San Lucas that offer an affordable, enjoyable pace of life which is attractive to many as they enter retirement. Retirees are finding the area to be safe, friendly and affordable. Foreigners can find high quality health care, fresh and plentiful foods, friendly locals and towns rich in culture.Cost of land acquisition and construction are very affordable.

Homeowner services such as landscape maintenance and housekeeping are very attainable as well. In addition, with the passage of the Foreign Investment Act of 1993, buyers of Real Property in Mexico are legally given the right to fully own real estate, with all the benefits that come with full ownership, with said rights granted in perpetuity. It is not a long-term lease, as it was in the past.

The best way to understand the appeal of Mexico, both as a tourist and a retiree, is to see it for yourself. The recent advertising campaign (designed by JWT) seeks to arouse curiosity in the country, “Mexico, the place you thought you knew.” So, visit it yourself and make it Mexico, the place you “know”.

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