Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offer a variety of treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction. The caring staff at Touchstone realizes that every addiction situation is different. Some people need much more intervention than others and some simply need support to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because every situation is unique, Touchstone offers a full range of services including medically-supervised detox services as well as aftercare for all clients who are in need of support after recovery.

Detox is an important part of the recovery process. If a client does not completely remove all chemicals from his or her system before beginning recovery, there is a good chance that the process will not work. In fact, failure to completely clear the system of all chemicals can lead to health issues and even serious medical problems. Therefore, any treatment program must address the issue of detoxification in order to be successful.

Touchstone Ranch looks at recovery as a holistic process. The staff provides for every aspect of recovery including detoxification, counseling, one-on-one and group therapy and even interaction with horses as part of each client's individualized recovery protocol. With the help of a customized recovery plan, Touchstone is able to help patients find the right balance to ensure their success in the transition to sober living.

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Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offers full drug and alcohol addiction, rehabilitation and detoxification services. Clients at Touchstone enjoy not only professional rehabilitation services but also the beauty and enjoyment of equine therapy and other animal-based therapy modalities.

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