If you have an Online Business or ever worked for one, then you might know how important it is for the very existence of the company.

With Google constantly, updating their algorithms to fight Spam, you need to be One step ahead with your SEO & Search Engine Marketing efforts.

Some old and pre tested SEO techniques still work while other don't. Aleem Shareef, a Senior Search Engine Analytics & Research consultant from SEO Mistry ( http://www.seomistry.com) states there has been constant improvement in Google Algorithms in 2016, gone are the days where Marketers used to rank websites on Spam or random links from any websites. Especially since 2015, Google is valuing links from relevant authority websites more & more, than what it used to before.

Also it has been identified, any link building effort followed by some aggressive Social Media marketing provided the best results which were sustainable as per SEO Mistry.They further state that, it was possible to achieve reasonable rank improvement just by Social Media posts, shares & other on-line Marketing, however these results were short term.

During another Research done by Moz they found, citations from authority websites in certain cases are more powerful than links from not very authority websites.

After various penguin and panda updates, it has been unanimously agreed by most of the SEO Community that direct anchors links hurt the website on a long term., an ideal Anchor text ratio which is working in 2016 is something like 2-3 % Exact match Anchors, about 5-6 % relevant and similar anchor text and rest say 90% all plain and naked URL's and other anchors to get optimum results.

So, if you already have loads of direct Anchor links coming to your website and you feel that you might have been penalized, then simply build some relevant Branded Anchor links and that should solve the problem.
In 2016, it has been found Goggle started giving even more boost to websites which load fast, So consider a strong caching mechanism for your website. In the recent report by Search Engine Watch, they have focused the importance of Knowledge Graph & Micro data which is worth considering and a part of advanced SEO Strategies, which can bring about massive different to your on-line traffic and improve ranking.

Over all check List:

1 Check your Title Tags for right keywords.
2 If No Links build some links based on suggested Keyword Ratio
3 Check the Anchor Text Ratio.
4 Check Social Media Presence .
5 Correlate Link Building with Social Media campaigns. Most Businesses/SEO fail at this !
6 Check website for Speed
7 Work on Internal Linkings & Website Structure.
8 Implement Schema.org, Micro data on to the website.
9 Build relevant citations from authority websites.
10 Avoid Spam, have patience and do not rush things. SEO does not happen over night.

Every Business, niche and Website is different. Results may vary, however most of the websites have been benefited by adopting the following tried tested strategies.
Report by Jack Samuels
Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur

Website: http://www.seomistry.com
Submitted by: Jamie White
Company: Jamie PR
Email: [email protected]
New York, USA