The whipped cream dispensers industry is getting convoluted, with a vast range of options to choose from and a variety of options now available including half pints, quarts and pints. But what does all this mean? And which is the right ISI whipper for your needs? There are unlimited questions that go into the selection of a whip cream dispenser. Discussed below are some of the best ISI cream dispensers including ISI gourmet whip.

To get the desired cream results, you must get the right cylinders that blends well with the cream whipper you have. Avoid the C02 filled cylinders since they are associated with devastating results. They are not only a waste of your cash, but also a huge mistake. Here are some of the best ISI whips to try:

ISI Easy Whip

This whip dispenser is available and Brushed with Aluminum color with the available sizes being ½ pint and 1 pint. These whips feature a molded plastic head and a push button dispensing mechanism. For homeowners who enjoy cream toppings on their meals, this is the right whip dispenser. It is not designed for commercial applications.


If looking for a high quality stainless cream dispenser, look no further, the ISI Cream Profi Model features a stainless steel head as well as a solid metal charger holder. One distinct feature of this model is that the head valve is removable making it easier to clean and easy to maintain. However, the lack of a silicone gasket means that it is not suitable for use with hot items. This model is ideal for both home and commercial use.

ISI Gourmet whip PLUS

Just like the Cream Profi, the ISI gourmet whip is designed to hold both hot and cold foods. The stainless steel on this ISI whipper body is a mastery of the state of the art stainless metal body and the charger holder. It also features gaskets coupled with tips. The notable setback with this product is that the head valve making it hard to keep up with the maintenance cost. They are only available in 1 pint and a quarter.

ISI Thermo Whip

This whip dispenser is 100% stainless and is the first cream dispenser to with thermal capabilities. It is designed to keep its contents cold for about 8 hours without requiring refrigeration. It can also hold hot ingredients hot without reheating for about 3hours. It is now available in 1 pint and a quart size.

Now that you are versed in everything you need to know to make whipped cream, is this whipper the right tools for you. You know and love the Gourmet Whip and probably tried a few recipes for foams, batter, espumas and all you need is the extra juice to take your creations to the next level.

To quench your sweet-tooth, get a iSi whipper that meets your needs. If you already own a  iSi Gourmet Whip , then you are ready to try out different flavored creams.