Top 1000 Reviewer Rates Silk Warm Microfiber Towel 4 out of 5 Stars

As the leading and largest internet-based retailer in the United States and throughout the world, Amazon has already established a reputation in providing a fast, easy and convenient means in purchasing various goods and merchandises. It has long presented a safe and secured platform, allowing money back guarantees and encouraging its customers to share insights, reviews and comments on a particular product. Thus, shoppers are given ideas and additional references to whether or not buy an item.

To further help customers decide, Amazon has its own list of respected reviewers who are deemed honest and unbiased on each opinion and feedback. Such in the case of Sam Pezeshki, belonging to the top 1000 reviewers(, who has recently shared his experience on the premium Silk Warm Microfiber Towel.

He started by comparing prices saying “I have heard about these Microfiber Towels and had really been wanting to try one out. The one company I knew that made them sells them for over $40 and I just couldn't see spending that on a towel, no matter how much I wanted to try it!” Silk Warm offers its towel in two sizes: medium and large, and pricing $11.90 and $14.90 accordingly.

Sam later on discussed the travel towel’s features and stated “I like that the towel can become super compact! This one even comes in a cute little travel bag to store it in once you've folded it up. It's mesh so if the towel's still wet, it can dry. It's also treated with an antibacterial agent so that it won't get moldy.

The no mold smell was the greatest appeal for me. I actually went to an informational meeting about a company that sells these where the woman claimed she didn't have to wash her towel for months and it never smelled. Less laundry in a family of five definitely appeals to me but it sounded kind of gross to me!

Well after using for several weeks without washing, it still smells good as new! Maybe it really is possible to go a long time between washings!”

He then added “While I love all of the things I mentioned, I still prefer my traditional towels for after a shower just because they feel nicer on my skin. However, this Microfiber towel is my towel of choice for places like camping, travel or day trips to the beach. It takes up less room, is easy to store and won't stink up my car!”

The said review came with a 4 out of 5 stars rating and is reference to the microfiber towel most commonly used for camping, travel, sports, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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