With great power comes great responsibility… and you don’t need to be a superhero to understand that! The recent actress to be bitten by the tantrum bug is none other than Nargis Fakhri. It so happened that Nargis along with her co-stars from the movie Azhar — Prachi Desai and Emraan Hashmi visited the set of So You Think You Can Dance for film promotions. However the actress wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Says a source on the set “She was quite haughty and was throwing around her weight on the set. More than that she was rude to the crew and the teams were quite harrowed.”

Apparently, she had hurt her leg and unfortunately all the frustration had to be bourne by the Production House. Not only did Nargis refuse to dance on the show along with her co actors, she even refused to comment on the performances by the contestants that danced on her own film songs leave alone some encouraging words. Adds the source, “She just refused to do anything. While Emraan and Prachi were genuinely happy and excited to come on the stage and shake a leg, Nargis kept sitting on the chair. The team had requested her to do some moves on the song Oye Oye which quite an iconic number… but she flatly refused.”

People on the set were wondering the objective her presence as being a dance reality show, one would expect a lively guest. But her co actors made up for her behavior.