30 September 2015 — Tomorrow Finance have today launched their unique online home loan comparison tool. The tool is completely free and provides Australians with the same access to products that Mortgage Brokers generally have.

Tomorrow Finance Co-Founder and Director, Mr Mitch Fraser said, “Home owners and seekers should be doing their homework and researching what products are out there. We’ve created a free online home loan comparison tool that helps simplify the process and shows 100s of products in seconds.”

Insight into the best available loans and their interest rates was previously only available to those in the know. Now however, this information has been made accessible to Australians free of charge and with no obligation. Typically, home buyers would need to conduct extensive research and speak with various banks until they found a loan they are interested in. This process can take a very long time and doesn’t necessarily guarantee the right loan. Using this new tool, Australians can now compare over 400 home loans in seconds, ensuring they find the right loan for them

“The tool compares the biggest lenders in the country and orders them accordingly, so home buyers know exactly who is offering the lowest rate. This list also includes information on additional features offered by each lender, such as extra repayments or a 100% offset account. The comparison tool aims to provide users a unbiased and efficient means to gauge the home loan landscape and truly make the most informed decision,” said Mr Fraser.

You can find Tomorrow Finance’s Home Loan Comparison tool at www.tomorrowfinance.com.au/home-loans.

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