05, February 2016: People who are always worried about the safety of their precious electronic devices can now take advantage of the small-size dry bags introduced by Tobe Alfresco. The product is now available on Amazon.com and one can purchase it at just $99.99 with free shipping. The premium quality waterproof bag has been designed to keep electronic items, such as cameras, phones and other valuable products safe and dry.

According to the spokesperson of Tobe Alfresco, this premium double layered waterproof pouch allows a person to easily operate his/her iPhone while inside the pouch. At the same time, the hidden layer keeps the iPhone concealed and other people cannot view it. It has a remarkable triple-lock design that keeps items safe from rain, moisture, dust and other environmental elements. The spokesperson reveals that the dry bag is perfect for people who love outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, fishing, mountaineering, etc. The valuables remain safe inside the bag while people enjoy their activities.

The dry bag is made of premium quality materials that make it durable. However, it is not bulky and is very handy to carry along. Whether someone is going to a business meeting or a travel trip, the bag will be a good way to keep the valuables intact and safe. For iPhone users, this iPhone waterproof bag brings the convenience and safety of using the iPhone. One can easily retrieve the items kept inside the bag and use them in the desired manner.

The spokesperson states that the dry bag has enough space to carry a variety of electronic items, credit cards, cash and other small items together. It comes with an adjustable strap that one can use to carry it in hand, wrap it around the waist, or can carry it over the shoulder. The product has been intuitively designed to offer all comforts and convenience that modern people appreciate today.

The newly designed dry bag available on Amazon.com is a protective case for people who often carry along costly items with them. One can learn more about the product or can place an order for it by following the link: http://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Pouch-with-Waist-Strap/dp/B01AARPX0E/ie=UTF8?m=AAUPWZC6CW7DD&keywords=Waterproof+bag

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Tobe Alfresco introduces stylish designed pouches for keeping electronic items safe and dry. The dry bag is a must have for summer and for people who love outdoor activities. People can use the bags to keep their valuables away from rain, dust, water and moisture.

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