Almost all businesses have a projecting sign at their premises. You can tell by the presence of a sign that projects outwards from the building conveying either the name of the business or other information that pertains to the business. Wayfinding signage is also another form of signage that is used to help you find your way to a desired location.

However, not all business or shop owners are good at getting this type of signage right. One thing that is often a big challenge to most business and shop owners is getting the right size of projecting sign. If you walk around a city and look at the various types of signage on display, you will find that some are quite catching while others are barely noticeable. Some will have flashy lights announcing that they are there while others will have nothing to announce their presence.

As a business or shop owner, you must make the maximum use of your signage. So, the signage should not only be another feature on your building’s or shop’s premise, but also a powerful advertisement tool that will help in drawing people into your shop or business. You can gain a lot of benefits by considering a projecting sign that is of the right size and viewable from a long distance. Thus, it will set your business or shop apart from the rest.

Another crucial thing to consider is whether the signage will have some lighting or not. Though some business or shop owners prefer not to include lighting with their signage, having lighting is highly recommended. It does not have to be some elaborate lighting, such as the neon signs that we see on some business premises. It can be just normal lighting, such as LED lighting. This will ensure that even at night, your business premise is still locatable and visible.

Another thing to consider is the method by which the signage will be installed. You can have the sign mounted flush against the wall with tamperproof screws or have it suspended with our display systems suspended from the ceiling or a projecting from the wall. This will depend on the space available for use on your business’s or shop’s premise.

Apart from these hardware considerations of the signage, there are also the content considerations that should never be ignored. You may have the right size, the right lighting and mounting of the signage, but poor placement of content can detract the main objective of using a sign. This is especially important for wayfinding signage that should be absolutely clear and legible to everyone. Make sure that the content fits well into the signage and the words used are legible. The graphics should also be clear and should not be blurred. Also consider having the content placed on both sides of the signage in order to reach people coming from both sides of your shop or business.

Various types of the projecting sign come in different shapes as well as sizes. Wayfinding signage should have considerable size to make it possible for people to view and locate your business’s premise.