Tiana launches a new book named Barber Shop Talk that helps the teens and youth to overcome the everlasting problem of bullying.

If one has ever been bullied, he or she must know the pain it gives and at the same time the lonely feeling that bullying gives rise to. Thousands of children today suffer from bullying in schools and high schools and consequently they become afraid to speak up as. The feeling of helplessness gets woven into them. In a bid to offer remedy to this everlasting problem of bullying author Tiana Bunnell-Mumford launches “Barber Shop Talk” which has been published by Creative Minds Work.

Offering a lee way to the youth to get out of all the negativity that the bullying has to offer, this book penned by Tiana show the superlative craftsmanship of Tiana when she twists and turns into opportunities for bullying to be conquered with tapping into resources and finding a safe heaven. The path offered by Tiana is not only of dreams, but also of inspiration for the teens who suffer from the complicated problem of being bullied every single day. The story published in the “Barber Shop Talk” talk about the ways through which a human being can offer forgiveness and the path of building positive relationships as well.

With the huge number of satisfied readership that Tiana has already gained from her earlier books like “Kool Minds Journal for Girls", “I Will Not Change My Hair At All” and “Boys Just Want To Have Fun” are engrossed every time they read a book penned by Tiana. With such huge readership, Tiana reaches to more people through her writing every day.

The story penned in the “Barber Shop Talk” helps one to recognize self-realization as well as offers the ways to overcome other impediments that the preteen and teen often find while walking on the path of the life. Tiana Bunnell-Mumford is a freelance writer, consultant, mentor, publisher and teacher, and has worked with children of all ages for the last eleven years.

About Barber Shop Talk:
Barber Shop Talk is a newly launched book by Tiana Bunnell-Mumford who has worked with children of all ages for the last eleven years.

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