Three of the lead actors from AadheAdhoore are national level sports players


Mumbai, March 2016: A lot of actors take up sports in their younger years but not all of them reach the highest levels in the sport. While some take it up as a hobby while others do it to keep fit.  However three of the four leads of the show AadheAdhoore that airs on Zindagi from every Monday to Saturday at 9.50 pm are national level sports players. Rohit Bhardwaj a.k.aViren, Arpit a.k.aNaren, were national level players in table tennis and badminton while Priyanka Khera a.k.aChanni was a national level athlete.


Priyanka was a fast runner in her teens. “I love running, and was a very sporty teenager. I participated in 100 metres, 400 and 800 meters relay at the national level of long jump. I, unfortunately, had to give up on my athletic dreams to focus on my higher studies,” said the pretty actress.


Delhi boy, Rohit Bhardwaj too, is an ardent sportsman since childhood. “I have always loved sports, especially table tennis. I used to play during my school days and took a serious passion towards the sport. I have been a national level player before I moved my focus to acting,” said Rohit.


Arpit who essays the role of the elder brother in AadheAdhoore has also won accolades in badminton said, “I have won a number of state championships in badminton. Winning these championships always made me feel proud.”


And although Sonali Nikama.k.aJassi is the only one of the happy foursome who is not a national level sportsperson. She rarely feels left out as she too played a lot of sport as a kid and is still an ardent sports fan. Sonali laughingly adds that “Everyone can’t be a national level player someone needs to be on the stands and applaud so I fulfil that part.”



To witness this captivating drama series, tune into ‘AadheAdhoore’ every Monday to Saturday at 9:50 PM only on Zindagi