In the crowded and busy market that is the mobile app development and technology sector, worth over £70 billion in the UK alone, attaining any kind of official recognition for your hard work and effort is excellent indeed. So one can imagine how happy the staff and management at Lexel were when they discovered that no less than three apps they were heavily involved in creating, designing or programming have been nominated for a prestigious, design100 UK app award.

CHARIS, created for a company of the same name, is a digital lifestyle concierge designed to store, remind and help users attend with information, apps and other useful features. It has been nominated under the best start-up app category.

The digital HR system, Lexel iHR, which was created for one of the world’s leading independent airline catering companies, GateGourmet, and which is now used on a daily basis by a large percentage of their staff, has been nominated under the Business Operations category.

Finally, there's the revolutionary educational app Synap, which uses recent developments in the understanding of cognitive processes to enhance the customised learning process of its students. While Synap came up with the idea for this app, Lexel saw the potential for success and were glad to help them upgrade their application infrastructure and user interface experience to a higher standard. This hard work has now been recognised, with Synap being nominated for Design100 app award in the EdTech category.

Jason Gaved, Managing Director of Lexel said: "We are extremely excited to be shortlisted for an internationally renowned award such as the Design100 app awards. As a dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals who take pride in what we do, being recognised for an industry respected award like this feels like a great achievement. We are really looking forward to the final award ceremony and although we feel like our applications are definitely deserving of a shot, there is some stiff competition so we’ll have to see how it goes on the night! Either way, we are glad for the recognition this nomination gives our company and team, and will continue to produce quality applications in the future.”

In the past Lexel has worked with big name brands, such as Costa Coffee, Virgin Care and the University of Oxford.

With glowing reviews from the majority of their client base, the passion and dedication to the digital application marketplace the team at Lexel puts in, shines through in their work, as well as in their professionalism and innovative idea based philosophy.

Lexel are based in Brighton and London, but can do business no matter where you reside. The three apps (especially the Lexel iHR system, which has now been adopted by a number of other companies, as well as the original client) showcase Lexel’s ability to craft user-friendly, efficient and ground-breaking apps that can stand out in a busy and competitive environment. With a growing portfolio of satisfied and happy clients and now three industry leading award nominations under their belt, Lexel are now looking forward to their future as a company consistently nominated for these kinds of awards while producing professional quality mobile applications for a wide range of clients and purposes, in all areas of this ever-expanding market.

For more information about Lexel's awards nominations, please contact Jason Gaved on the following contact number: 01273 929310
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