Hoverboard Prince website presented a comprehensive review entitled 3 Best All Terrain Hoverboards You Can Buy in 2017. Hoverboard is a modern means for movement called differently: gyroboard, gyroskutter, smartboard, smartskater, hoverboard, chic smart. The first two-wheeled device of this type was manufactured in China. From there the gyroboards quickly spread almost all over the world. Today gadgets are manufactured in Europe, USA, Canada, India and many other countries. Some manufacturers give their own names to this smart technology, but the principle of work is the same for all. The battery provides power, and the use of modern technology turns this device from a normal scooter into an intelligent gadget.

Hoverboard is a scooter, which was appreciated by teenagers and adults in many countries. They use this smart technology for walking, entertainment, movement on campus, to travel to school or supermarket. This smart mode of transport is ideal for travels up to 10-20 kilometers away. Gyroboards work thanks to gyroscopic sensors, also known as angular velocity sensors. The angular velocity is determined by the change in the rotation angle per unit time. These elements give this mini smart ability to move forward, backward, without complications, to turn left and right.

Externally, the hoverboard is a two-wheeled device resembling a skateboard. It is like a gyro, but the latter, unlike a hoverboard, is also equipped with a steering wheel. The frame of this vehicle for movement is made of a durable metal alloy, which also serves as a protection for vulnerable parts of hoverboards (batteries, chips). The weight of the gadget averages from 4.5 kilograms, while it can carry about 100 kg. There are options a bit heavier, with 10-inch wheels. Their weight reaches 7-11 kilograms. However, this is not so much and that allows you to transfer the gadget easily in the hands or in a special bag. Aerodynamic design of smart cards and LED lights on their front part make the technology particularly attractive. Multicolored lights on hoverboard (on average there are from 15 to 18 LEDs) are mounted not only as a decor element. Their fairly bright light allows you to see obstacles on the road in the dark.

In the article 3 Best All Terrain Hoverboards You Can Buy in 2017 are reviewed following models of hoverboards: Jetson V8, Halo Rover and EpikGo. You can read in details about their features and see the prices of the gadgets on amazon.

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