One of the consequences of living in the postmodern age is feeling that everything has already been said and done before. Thus artists, including fashion designers, find themselves in a quandary. Nothing they create is considered truly original, so they abandon the effort to create something new and re-imagine the old instead. This penchant for nostalgia is apparent in the present collection of Louis Vuitton Shoes . Australia Online StoreX tells us why this season's Magic Square Louis Vuitton shoes are one of the finest embodiments of retro chic.

While it may seem that every designer and fashion student these days is looking to the past for inspiration, it takes taste and an unerring eye to choose the right elements from the huge catalog of past fashions. It's not every retro trend that suits the spirit of the present, but Louis Vuitton seems to have gotten it right with its sixties-inspired Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The spirit of this season is humorous and on the optimistic side, combining geometric elements with candy colours and the cleanest of lines.

The Magic Square Louis Vuitton shoes are the embodiment of this aesthetic. They are classic pumps that reference a more genteel time when ladies wore gloves and hats. Yet, they are definitely a bit more Audrey Hepburn than Jackie Onassis, thanks to the playfulness elements that keep them from looking dated or old-fashioned. The Magic Square shoes have sharply pointed toes, stylized rectangular accents on the vamp that reference flat bows, and heels of no more than two-and-a-half inches in height. They're sexy but in the most subtle way. The eye is drawn to a narrow ankle and a graceful heel with the sling back model, while the cut out pumps show off the delicate arch of a lady's foot. They are made of glossy calf in beige, black, and yellow.

These shoes are dainty yet provocative at the same time, featuring vintage silhouettes that are rendered cutting edge by judicious use of materials. All in all, these shoes are some of the finest examples of the way nostalgia can be a very good thing.

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