(Free Press Release) This monsoon, free your kids from the trouble of lice and the painful lice comb with Mediker!

With monsoon starting, kids have started enjoying the rain showers! But beware, as you will also soon be faced with their lice woes as the rains tend to aggravate the growth of lice! The monsoon season dawns in a month‘s time from the beginning of their new academic year: And we all know, when kids put their heads together, lice are bound to spread! Mediker, the popular anti-lice brand comes to the rescue of school kids as the nightmare of lice begins.

Moms typically spend a lot of time during holidays removing lice effectively; but, once children go back to school after holidays, they sit together with others in schools and lice spread from one head to another and come back to taunt. Just when this lice incidence starts, the moisture from the rains further aggravates the lice problem as lice tend to thrive well on moisture.

Once lice come over on kids‘ scalps, it gets difficult for the mom to remove them completely and effectively. The traditional method of lice removal with a lice comb is extremely painful, causing immense friction and fight between the mom and the daughter. The process is ineffective too, as even with a lot of effort, the mom, many times, is unable to remove lice completely. To top this all, during lice removal, due to the pain caused by the lice comb, the daughter tends to run away from the pain, in the process not getting completely free from lice.

Dr Sudhakar Mhaskar, Head Technology, Marico says, “The lice problem becomes extremely severe in the monsoon due to the increase in humidity levels in the air. Lice, typically, are more active at body temperature. Damp and wet hair helps to maintain the body temperature around the scalp, making it the ideal breeding ground for lice! To add to this, as kids start school again, they sit in close proximity to each other. This makes it easier for lice to spread and infest everybody, making it hard for kids to escape from lice. Lice need to be effectively treated through periodic application of reputed, scientifically proven remedies anti-lice products such as Mediker. Mediker is 100% natural and completely safe to use.”

Mediker contains the natural goodness of neem, camphor, custard apple seed extracts and coconut oil that are mild on the hair and very effective in getting rid of lice. Mediker is not painful unlike the painful lice comb, which causes severe discomfort to the kid as active lice holds the hair shaft through its claws firmly. Mediker loosens the grip of lice, making it easier to get rid of them without adding to the child‘s unhappiness.

So, let your kid have a nice monsoon back in school by giving them freedom from lice!

Mother‘s insights

• 51% of Moms say that School Re-opening is a time when lice come back
• 39% of Moms say, Children have lice problem because parents don't take proper care of children
• 52% of Moms say, Kids are embarrassed about having lice
• 70% of Moms say, Kids with lice find it difficult to sleep well
• 53% of Moms say, Kids with lice cannot concentrate well in their studies

A few facts on Lice:
• Head lice are small parasitic insects adapted to living mainly on the scalp and neck hairs of their human host. Human head lice infestations known as Pediculosis can affect people of all ages; regardless of cleanliness level or economic status also causing physical problems include lack of concentration, sores, bleeding through excessive scratching, etc in an extreme and rare scenario, also anemia.
• The spread of lice causes several physical problems for the kids including anaemia, lack of concentration, bleeding through excessive scratching, etc. however, we cannot ignore the psychological impact of lice which tends to be far graver on kids. The child is subjected to constant taunts by friends and classmates. Other children avoid their company. The constant rejection and social embarrassment can turn the child into a loner.
• Lice hold on to hair shafts. Can explain the whole concept.
• Nits and lice are at epidemic proportions in the country 93% of sufferers are girls, of which 75% of sufferers are above 10 years of age.
• Head lice are the second most communicable health issue amongst children the first is the common cold.
• 74% of sufferers use household remedies or lice comb to combat lice. It is essential to remove not only all the lice, but all the nits as well to break an infestation.

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