Almost everybody is informed about how coach hire South Cambridge services have simplified group travelling. A lot has been said about their timely services and cost-saving advantages. However, there is much more to their services that just those two incredibly lucrative qualities. Luxury coach hire Essex services of this day have much more to offer than a smooth ride and timely deposit and pickup. If you are interested in taking a coach hire service in Essex or Cambridge, keep reading.

Free Wi-Fi Connectivity

The luxury coach hire Essex service is availed by not just pleasure vacationers, but also by teams of corporate delegates. So, the service providers eventually figured out that their passengers could use some Internet connectivity on the way. Thusly, some of the providers have introduced unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout the route in their list of extras. Users do not need to pay anything for the access for it is free for all boarders. If you have an important mail to shoot or just check your IM, connect your device with the coach Wi-Fi and enjoy the connectivity. The conductors will share the password with you at the start of the journey to allow connection.

Hostess on Board

This is a relatively new concept introduced to offer better service to the passengers. Not all luxury coach hire South Cambridge service has it already, but selected providers have already included a hostess on board to cater to the requirements of the passengers. Aside a couple of stewardess, the coaches are manned by hostesses who offer a live commentary on the places of attraction in day trips. They also have a small kitchen where a short menu of refreshments is available. So, order a drink or a meal, the hostess will be right there to bring it. They can also play a movie or a song on your request at the central entertainment centre for all the passengers.

Door to Door Service

The coach services offer door to door pickup and delivery. If you have your batch mates staying in different hotels or waiting at different points in the city, inform the coach operator about it and they will map a route out for you to pick them up covering the shortest distance. Same at the time of dropping, they stop at all the hotels mentioned to drop off the boarders to their assigned destinations.

The services offered by the coach hire companies vary from one to another. You might not find all the services mentioned collective in one. Alternately some might offer you with a few leaving others out. For consolidated all, you have to approach the best providers in town.

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